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Hosted by renowned educator Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers Podcast features thought-provoking conversations with leaders, activists, educators, and storytellers. Past guests include:

      • Original Freedom Riders, Jim Zwerg and Congressman John Lewis
      • Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy
      • Dolores Huerta
      • Dr. Pedro Noguera
      • Isha Sesay
      • Liz Murray
      • Parkland Students
      • And many more…


Recent Episodes

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2020 Freedom Writers Podcast Series Twenty Stories for Twenty Years 20/20

A Special Podcast Mini-Series

In this five-part mini-series, listeners get a front seat to the writing process for twenty new stories in the 20th Anniversary Edition of “The Freedom Writers Diary.” You’ll hear from Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers, and even some of the Freedom Writers’ children, following up on the stories from Wilson High School and shining a light on the Freedom Writers legacy for a new generation.

Episode 1: Book Proposal

Travel back in time to Room 203 at Wilson High School, where Ms. G first united her students through writing. In intimate interviews and captivating stories, Erin and the Freedom Writers recount how they became a family and turned their collection of stories into a best-selling book. And now, twenty years after The Freedom Writers Diary was first published, Ms. G and the Freedom Writers are gathering again to write the 20th Anniversary Edition of the book. Where are Ms. G and the Freedom Writers today? And why does the world still need their stories? 

Episode 2: Writers Room

Get an inside look into the collaborative writing process for twenty new stories in the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Freedom Writers Diary. How did Ms. G and the Freedom Writers organize their ideas, decide on topics and authors, and move the puzzle pieces around to find the bigger picture? Can they recreate the magic of Room 203 after 20 years? 

Episode 3: Dear Diary

Erin and the Freedom Writers provide an exclusive sneak peek of their new stories in the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Freedom Writers Diary. They illuminate the most iconic Freedom Writer moments and reveal how they are still growing and healing. How have the Freedom Writers evolved since Room 203? And how can we learn from their growth? 

Episode 4: Wounded Healers

Explore how hearts can mend, how healing can take place after years of trauma, and how Erin and the Freedom Writers created a safe space for wounded healers to write their truths and share their stories with the world. How do the Freedom Writers support each other through sensitive, painful experiences? And how can their examples of unconditional love bring more light into our lives?

Episode 5: Passing the Torch

Discover the Freedom Writers’ impact in the twenty years since the original publication of The Freedom Writers Diary. What is the Freedom Writers’ legacy? And how what can we do to carry it forward for the next twenty years, and beyond?

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